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March 22nd Sermon

For now we are hosting our Sunday celebrations virtually. Join us each week.

First All Online Service

For now we are hosting our Sunday celebrations virtually. Join us each week.

March 8th Sermon

Archived Sermons

Jesus: Our Hero

We started off our new series which are leading up to the Easter Sunday with the conversation about Jesus being the example we can follow. Join us this next Sunday!

He's Working

Our last Sunday of the year, Pastor Bill concludes with the message on how God is working in our heart, lives..even when things seam still. Happy New Year!

Special Christmas Serivce

One of our outreaches that we did this year was on creating a Christmas event where we could invite our friends and family. From children's ministry to singing carols and sharing cup of joe. It was awesome.

More than a Story: It's Him!

Focusing on Jesus as we conclude our series on "More than a Story"

More than a Story: Bethlehem

Sometimes, the busyness of Christmas events and shopping for the perfect presents, we forget the reason for this season.

More than a Story: Joseph

Our second week of the series, we look into Jesus' brith through the perspective of Joseph.

More than a Story: Mary

We discover and learn about Jesus' birth from Mary's perspective. Enjoy!

Random Throught: w1 "Unlucky People"

Pastor Robert kicked us off with the new sermon series that we as pastors have decided to name "Random Thoughts." Hope you enjoy!

Supernatural: w3. "The Armor of God"

Pastor Jefferson finished the series on "Supernatural" and how has provided the armour of God for us to deal with the supernatural tacks for us.

Supernatural w.2 "Unexpected Disruptions"

As we continue with our series "Supernatural" we discover how Paul became who he was meant to be through supernatural events. Acts 9:1-9

Supernatural w.1 "The Battle is Real"

We are in a spiritual battle, and recognising it is provoking us to seek God first instead of relying on our own strength. Hope you will be encouraged by this message.

Generosity 2.0

In our last sermon series, we continued talking about generosity and how we can be generous with our time, energy and finances. Hope you would be encouraged!

Generosity 1.0

As we are on our last topic of the series "I ❤ my Church" we decided to finish it off with the theme on generosity.