Our Ministries

Intentional and Relational Activities

All of our ministries are intended to connect people for the purpose of serving God and loving our community.

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Connect Groups are made to connect people to people. Build relationships and reach your neighbourhood.

Home Groups

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Our group of Bridge Fitters want to invite you to workout with us and achieve fitness goals together.

Fitness Club

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During the praise & worship time of our service children ages, 3-11 can join for a separate worship service.

Children's Ministry

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Converge is a six day event for young people from the ages of 15-25. People from different regions of Belgium and Northwest Europe "Converge" into different cities of Belgium to make a difference by sharing the love of Jesus.

Youth Discipleship

CityYouth (2)

The City Youth meets twice a week to make Jesus known in their lives, fun time and worship events.

The City Youth

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LBS is a Bible school that teaches on Saturdays and focuses on raising and equipping the next generation pastors and leaders.

Bible Institute

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"Sandwich the City" and its mission is to feed the homeless and bring hope to those who have no homes.

Feed the Hungry

Would you like to volunteer with one of our ministries?